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Innovative Products – Custom Solutions

Ledil products and solutions bring out the best in lighting. We offer a wide range of high quality standard products and custom solutions meeting the needs and requirements of the lighting and electronics producers. 

Standard product range of over 1300 products

Our wide product range includes lenses, reflectors and their combinations for various LED lights. Our professional logistics department helps you to find the best solution to receive the products promptly and at a reasonable cost.

Custom solutions

Do you need a single special lens or a more complex solution developed for a demanding lighting situation? It is our passion to develop new optical solutions. Our professionals design the best optics to meet the requirements of your end product. We handle the whole process smoothly from assignment to delivery. Challenge us – we will take the challenge! 

Read examples of reference designs

We can implement custom designs in different ways, e.g.:

  • New optical versions of our existing standard optic families can be proposed. Normally a firm order of 20 000 pieces leads us, where possible, to develop a new version for you. You may not need to need pay for any additional non-recurring engineering (either for design or development), only the normal part price for the ordered quantity.
  • We can use our standard optical designs and develop a mechanical solution which gives a perfect fit with your end product. In this case, you only pay for the mechanical design and tool inserts needed - not for the optical design at all, as we use an existing design which also remains our sole property (you do not need to own it).
  • We can develop a new lens holder or holder system for our standard lenses. In this case, you pay for the design and for the tool of the holder, and we supply you the custom-made holder separately or with lenses preassembled into it.

Custom (bespoke) products are delivered from our factory either directly to the address given by the customer, or, through our distribution channels to our local partner and further to you - whichever way suits you best.

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2013 Christmas Contest

It's that time of Year again! Send us an image and short description of how You have used or abused our optics. Three best submissions will receive our very special exclusive X-mas surprise gift. Your idea needs to reach Santa by December 24th to be in! All participants will receive a seasonal limited edition LENA-X-Mas reflector.

Send your submission HERE!

XMAS 2013
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