FLORENCE-1R family
LEDiL's STELLA-G2-T3 and STELLA-G2-VSM optics
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FLORENCE-1R family – Versatile solutions for all your lighting needs

LEDiL’s FLORENCE-1R family offers a vast selection of optic solutions for a range of lighting applications. The lenses can easily be joined together to form continuous rows with the clips available. Snapping clips allow fast and easy installation straight into the profile and clips with screw holes allow the lenses to be used with wider luminaires and PCB’s. FLORENCE-1R optics can be snapped into single lenses just by hands and the linear design works with any distance between the LEDs. Downlight, low-bay, uplight, mid-bay, aisle light, wall washer - you choose. LEDiL’s Florence-1R linear optics are your tools for indoor lighting.
Visit www.ledil.com/florence-1r for full family listing.




  • Linear optics that work with any distance between the LED’s
  • Achieve sleak and uniform luminaire exterior by connecting lenses into continuous row with LEDiL retaining clips
  • Can easily be snapped into single lenses
  • Designed with minimal glare in mind, further lowering of UGR with two additional shades available, C14519_FLORENCE-1R-SHD-GR (grey) and C14593_FLORENCE-1R-SHD-BLK (black)


  • Retail lighting
  • Low Bay
  • Wall washing
  • Interior architectural lighting
  • Supermarket aisle lighting
  • Industrial and warehouse corridor lighting


Assembly Instructions for the LEDiL's
FLORENCE-1R product family

We have released assembly instructions video for FLORENCE-1R optics at
our YouTube channel.
Watch the video below or click here and visit our YouTube channel to learn more
useful information about LEDiL optics.



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