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CARMEN – 70mm COB optic with 10˚ beam (no halo)

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    CARMEN is a completely renewed reflector design that can take better advantage of all the light emitted by the light source. This hybrid of transparent reflector and lens maximizes the optical performance - when compared to other metal coated reflectors - with sharp cut-off and eliminated haloing effects. Combined with the LEDiL´s patented RZ-technology providing a smooth light pattern without any color-over-angle problems. CARMEN also works as a cover to protect the LED both physically and visually, and the surrounding black holder ensures low UGR ratings for the applications.


    • Patent pending hybrid lens family with 10° ultra-narrow beam
    • Higher performance compared to similar metallized reflector designs in the market
    • Dust- and TouchProof design
    • No halos or light spilling = higher intensity and less glare
    • Comes with black reflector, especially optimised for low UGR applications
    • Standard retail and track lighting beams available


    • LES sizes up to 10 mm
    • LEDiL recommends spot version to be
    • Used with 6mm LES (CBCP 18000cd)
    • Holder options for LEDiL, Ideal, BJB, Stucchi, Tyco etc. solderless connectors


    • Track lighting
    • Retail and supermarkets
    • Industrial lighting
    • Outdoor architectural
    • General indoor lighting



    CARMEN-M on the picture
    CARMEN-S (2pcs) on table

    Room height: 3 m
    Luminaire distance from the table: 2,2 m
    Luminous flux (luminaire): 700 lm
    LED: CLU700
    LES size: 6 mm
    Light intensity
        table: 500 lx
        picture: 300 lx

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