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STRADA-2X2MX-SCL – Supreme reach with 75-degrees intensity peak

LEDiL’s 2X2MX-series designed for super high-power LEDs grows with a scaled up version from the regular STRADA-2X2-SCL. The ingenious optical design in SCL-models shoots the light with intensity peak reaching as far as 75-degrees. This allows to illuminate roads with the pole to pole distance being up to ten times the mounting height. Special attention has been given to minimize the light spilling to the house side as well. With integrated silicone gasket STRADA-2X2MX-SCL is protected against dirt and dust for up to IP67 rated luminaries.


  • Very far reaching illuminance allowing pole distance being up to ten times the mounting height
  • Modular design for super high-power LED street lighting and other applications
  • Excellent illuminance uniformity and minimized light spilling to the house side



  • Standard 90 x 90 mm 2X2MX footprint
  • Very wide beam pattern falling between IESNA Type II and Type III long distributions
  • Designed to fulfill European S-class standard
  • Optimized LED spacing for excellent performance and thermal design
  • Integrated silicone gasket for up to IP67 rated luminaires


  • Street lighting
  • General road lighting
  • Outdoor area lighting
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Residential lighting


  • For super high-power LEDs up to 7070 sized packages


Residential road
S4 class (XHP70)
Luminaire output 4000 lm
Pole height 6m
Pole spacing 48m
Road width 5m
Overhang -0.5m
Boom angle 0 deg
U0 0.233

Eav(lx)     Emin(lx)
5.21         1.21
≥5.00       ≥1.00
✓             ✓

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